Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Bicycle Joy

Take a look at this photo.

The pretty little girl - does she look happy? She's Annie Rasmussen, and she's sitting on her sweet new bike, courtesy of the Boise Bicycle Project. The BBP overhauled and gave out more than 350 bikes - and helmets - to kids here in Boise this year.  The bicycle giveaway project is now a well-established tradition.

Now notice the guy in the photo.


No - better! It's Clancy Anderson, who freely shares his time and talents with the BBP on a regular basis. Does Clancy look happy?

Clancy not only volunteers (at the BBP and at Recreation Unlimited), he's also a devoted transportation cyclist and a regular commenter here on the Bike Nazi. And he's rightfully profiled in a story on the Idaho Statesman website... read it HERE. Jimmy Hallyburton down at the BBP calls Clancy a "magical volunteer" - and that he is!

The world is a better place, because of organizations like the BBP, and especially because of guys like Clancy.

(Photo stolen from the Idaho Statesman website - it's a great one!)

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