Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boise Weekly Annual Bike Issue

Every May the Boise Weekly publishes a Bike Issue. And, it usually has some interesting stuff. This year it seems to be rehashing some much-covered bicycle topics, for the most part. I'm a little disappointed. (But being more involved than BW readers, it's likely they'll read about topics that are new to them.)

Bike Share program. I've mentioned it several times, including the most recent post. BW's most recent take is HERE.

Garden City bike path that bikes aren't allowed on. I'm a member of the "Citizens for an Open Greenbelt," and have followed the issue closely and commented extensively. BW's status report can be read HERE.

LBS review. This is more of a sales pitch than an objective comparison, but they list all the local bike shops, and what they offer bike-riding consumers, HERE. IMO, Boise has some outstanding bike shops. If I didn't do essentially all of my own maintenance, I'd have no reservations about trusting several of them. I have particularly good feelings for the Boise Bicycle Project - they have hearts of gold! My only negative comment about a couple of the LBSs... some of their mechanic-types are a little scary looking! I'm glad they have employment... but guys who cover themselves with tattoos, metal bits and piercings are marginalizing themselves somewhat. If they scare me, I imagine they also scare families, housewives, etc.

Boise's Cycle Pub. Since I'm not much of a "night-lifer," I wasn't even aware of this, but a guy from Bend, Oregon, has imported a rolling bicycle pub, that he hopes to make a fixture on downtown streets during the nice months. It's "a 14-seat, pedal-powered bar that Boiseans can rent to facilitate their downtown pub crawl." Hmmmm.... Read more about it HERE.

Boise teacher trades car for bike. This is my favorite story. Elementary school teacher Matt Monette had serious misgivings when, at last summer's Tour de Fat, he agreed to abandon his car and use a bicycle for transportation. But 9 months later, he's sold! "I'm healthier. We're spending less. We're polluting less. I have no regrets. I'm so happy I did it." (Amen, Brother Matt!) Story HERE.

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Clancy Anderson said...

I told Matt about the bike/car trade. He was so stoked when he got it. My wife works with him and has only given him a ride home once or twice.