Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I ran a bunch of errands Saturday - the day before Mother's Day. Accumulated 20+ miles pulling the BOB trailer. And a few miles just ridin'. BEAUTIFUL day!

The first trip was to the nursery to pick up some tomato and melon plants for the garden. (Yep - I got lucky this year and didn't gamble at the first of May. It got below freezing a couple nights ago.) The cantaloupe plants didn't do well on the bumpy 6-mile trip back home; most of the dirt fell out. But everything else seemed to arrive intact.

The second trip was to pick up a hanging basket for Mom, and deliver it. I've got an awesome mom, and I'm blessed that she's still quite healthy and independent and engaged. (She seems a bit bewildered by my bike transportation, but after 27 years she takes it in stride when I almost always arrive at her place on the 2-wheeler.)

Then I returned to "Hanging Baskets R Us" and got a couple for my bride.

(Front-door delivery via BOB!)

My kids' mom is another awesome mom who has blessed my life in so many ways. I hope my kids have the courtesy to recognize her. (Yeah - I know - Mother's Day was probably invented by Hallmark, or Hanging Baskets R Us. And I also know that every day should be Mother's Day. But hey! It should be Father's Day too!) Let's hear it for moms (and dads)!

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