Friday, January 14, 2011

Best (mileage) year ever!

Pardon me for a moment, while I wax braggadocious.

Way back in 1996, a younger and more energetic Bike Nazi rode 6589 miles, on a bicycle, in one year.

Ever since, that has been a lofty and distant mark - my Everest.

Well lo and behold... in 2010 I've surpassed that milestone... by 122 miles.

"Hey, wait a minute!" interrupts the modern-day Pharisee. "This ain't even 2010 anymore, dad-gum it!"

And right he is... but let me explain.

At the beginning of 2010, I was recuperating from surgery, and ordered off the bike. I was able to resume cycling last January 15, so I gave myself a little fudge factor. I've ridden 6711 miles in the last 365 days. (For the record, I rode on 355 of those days.)

If you reject my fudgin' ways, I rode 6485 miles in calendar 2010, making it my second-best year.

I was particularly motivated this year:
- desire to self-affirm my ongoing good health,
- shiny new bicycle to ride,
- 25th year of transportation cycling.

It worked out good.

Will I ever surpass 6711 miles?

Seems unlikely. But until I did it, breaking my 1996 record seemed unlikely. Once I don't have to spend 40+ hours a week toiling for pay, it will likely free up some time. So if my health holds up, I'll never say never.

I dedicate my 2010 record to a couple fellas who are largely responsible for my good health: Dr. William Jones who has monitored my condition for years, and Dr. Avery Seifert who performed the surgery and had me back on the bicycle 30 days later.

Keep on ridin'!

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Bob T said...

Congratulations! The unseasonably warm temperatures we're having at the moment are tempting me to remove the studded tires, but to be safe I think I will wait as I normally do until Presidents Day.

The pile of snow in our front yard since late November has finally disappeared. What a crazy winter this has been!