Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cannondale outsourcing to China

I've been riding Cannondale bicycles for probably 15+ years. Not because they are "handmade in USA," although I've always taken some satisfaction in knowing my bike is one of the few still made in the USA. (The frame, at least... dunno if any of the components are manufactured stateside.)

The main reason I chose Cannondale is their sturdiness. Those fat aluminum tubes are frequently criticized because of the "harsh" ride - by 150-pound riders. When you're 240-250 pounds, you tend to introduce some "flex" that lighter riders don't. I try to minimize the harsh ride by avoiding as many bumps, potholes, etc., as possible.

Last year, Cannondale was bought out by a conglomerate - a Canadian company named Dorel. (Besides bikes, they're in the baby-seat and ready-to-assemble furniture businesses.) And I wondered at the time if the American's domestic manufacturing would cease at some point in time. The answer is "yes." Story HERE. It's going to hit Bedford, PA, hard.

Would I buy a Chinese-made Cannondale bicycle?


But whatever incentive I had to "buy American" would certainly no longer be a factor.

Fact of the matter is... my T2000 touring bike is so sturdy it's likely to outlast me, unless I decide I want to ride a bike that's a different color or whatever. (My next bike might be a Chinese-made Cannondale tricycle, because old geezers aren't spoze to ride bicycles!)


Clancy said...

Your next Cannondale will be purchased at ToysR'US. Dorel also owns Pacific Cycle that led to the biggest downfall of Schwinn. Pacific started producing a different bike for sales into the mass channel at retailers like Walmart, Target, Toy's R US.

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