Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motor Voters

I caught a small bit of an interview between NBC's Matt Lauer and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

The question posed to Mr. Obama was something like, "If you are elected president, are there any sacrifices that you'll expect the American people to make, to help resolve the current economic crisis?"

Obama's reply was something like, "The American people need to continue to be conscious of their energy usage."

Hey, Obama - that's not what we want to hear! We want unlimited supplies of $1 gas! We don't want to have to think about it before hopping in the SUV and driving across town!

(While I have serious reservations about Obama because of my own philosophy that "small government is good government," I fully agree with him on that point.)

In a related development, Orange County, California, has implemented drive-up electronic voting. Apparently you drive up to the weatherproof voting kiosk, kinda like driving up at Jack in the Box, and punch in your choices. (Story HERE.)

We wouldn't want our overburdened citizens to have the inconvenience of getting out of their cars, and actually walking into a building, huh? They might get mad and stay home and not participate!

For the people who are waiting in line... if it's hot or cold on Election Day, it's okay to sit in the car with the engine idling, and with either the heater or air-conditioner going... right?

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