Sunday, June 10, 2007

World Naked Bike Ride

How committed are you? And how scared are you of road rash?

It's a worldwide phenomenon, apparently - London, Paris, Madrid, Montreal, Mexico City...

Under the slogan "As Bare As You Dare", protesters felt the wind in their hair -- and everywhere else -- as they pedalled along demonstrating the risks they face on the roads and the impact that cars have on the environment.

Authorities generally turned a blind eye to one of the world's more outlandish environmental protests, apart from in Paris where five of the unabashed riders were arrested for so-called "sexual exhibition."

Story HERE. (More photos are also out there, if you want to go Googlin'.)

My question... is this more about bicycling, or getting naked?


SiouxGeonz said...

Chicago, too... it's an interesting angle. It doesn't do much for the "bicycling is something normal people do" movement :-)

db said...

Can't it be about both? ;)