Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Build your own Bike Trailer!

Can't afford a BOB trailer, or an Xtracycle? I happened across this, and thought it would get Clancy's juices flowing in particular.

It's a website with DIY bicycle trailers - made out of plywood, bamboo, conduit, etc. (Click HERE.)

My favorite is the expandable "Bike Camper" built by a "25 year old Chicago youth." Looks to be out of an old Popular Mechanics or something. It also looks eerily like a coffin to me... dunno if I could get comfortable in it, especially with the lids closed during "adverse weather"!

(Most of the trailers look more practical than the camper... it just caught my attention in particular.)


Anonymous said...

The wooden trailer w/cooler is a "ratrod bike" friend from Montreal. His blog- has some good info for learning how to adjust bikes with out fancy tools.

Here is a great article I just ran across.
/30553.html or

Anonymous said...

I printed the plans to the bamboo trailer some months back, but committed myself to making it from only FREELY acquired bamboo. Turns out that's harder than I thought it would be. I have nine 4' lengths so far. Donations appreciated.

All the designs are rather simple, once you have a hitch mechanism figured out. The rest just comes down to size and weight.