Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shoulda taken the bus!

It's probably been 10 years since I had an "injury" crash on the bicycle.  You know, with an injury that has more than a 24-hour impact.  Up 'til yesterday.  I crashed twice!

On my way to the office in the morning, a light dusting of snow obscured the route, just enough to make obstacles less than obvious.  Particularly when combined with the darkness that's fairly prevalent at 7:45am.  I rode through a construction project, just off the Greenbelt, and went straight where the path has been rerouted a little twisty.  I handled the frozen mounds of dirt and clattering rebar... but stopped abruptly when I went into a 10-inch curb dead-on.

Literally did the face-plant.  Banged one elbow and my right leg just above the knee.  Fortunately there was no other traffic of any kind, so I had the luxury of laying there and moaning for 15 or 20 seconds... then dragged my sorry carcass to my feet, to assess the damage.

The snow and dirt apparently provided just enough "lubrication" so I didn't have any facial road rash... my top lip was fat.  Road rash on one elbow.  An achy deep bruise just above my right knee.

The bike escaped relatively unscathed... had to straighten out one brake lever... and limped to the office.

Then on the ride home, the temperature was right at freezing.  And... in a display of poor judgment I was riding over-confidently.  Attempted a turn on what I thought was wet pavement... turned out to be frozen instead of wet.  BANG!  The same knee took the brunt... along with the other elbow.  Two witnesses (on foot) to that one.  Both asked "Are you okay?"  Trick question... right?

Once again I was able to answer the bell.  I rode on home - carefully!

I 'spect the right knee will be sore for a week or more.

Could've been way worse!  But both incidents were totally preventable, and I have to take ownership.  I hope I can now go another 10 or 15 years before I bang myself up again.  I'm getting too old to be slamming on the black-top.

Dry pavement is totally under-rated!

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Clancy said...

I felt a couple of slick spots on the way home, but nothing major. I drove later in the evening and I could not imagine driving all the time. Rode the SUB (sport Utility bike) today and no worries.

Heal fast.