Thursday, December 10, 2015

Late Fall Commute

How's your evening commute? You know... out State Street, or maybe the 184? Or... out Main Street, where it goes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes to 1 lane? It must be good - lots of people are doing it!

The last few afternoons have been pretty suitable for bicycling, which isn't always the case in December.  So I've been taking the scenic route.  Yeah, I'm excluded from the afternoon "Freedom Parade."  I don't have the hermetically-sealed, sound-deadened, climate-controlled interior.  Or the remote entry or keyless start.  (Actually on second thought, I do enjoy keyless start!)  But I s'pose I can deal with the tradeoff.


Jason Abbott said...

Beautiful images

Bikeboy said...

That's a very nice compliment, in particular coming from you, Jason. Thanks! Enjoy your off-season riding, and be safe!

Muffin Recipes said...

Thank yoou for this