Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike Safety PSA

If the turnout at the Boise Depot for the filming of a bicycle-safety public service announcement is any indicator... there are a lot of local cyclists who are interested in safety issues. (I hope they are as enthusiastic about peacefully coexisting with motor traffic, as they are about the publicity!)

I took my granddaughter over - we got there at the appointed time (5:30pm).

There's a saying - "The attention span of the group is only as long as the attention span of the least-attentive member." And before long, "we" had lost interest. Nonetheless, we waited 'til after 6pm, and the movers-and-shakers were still working out the kinks.

I gave up. (Besides, there was a good cross-section without us. Perhaps a bit heavy on the "lycra sport rider" side.) We took a look at the pond and the fishies, then went on home. Check out the shoe that was floating, serene and boat-like.

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