Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Urban Bambi

I spotted her on the afternoon commute today (Feb. 21). A stone's throw from Kathryn Albertson Park, right near the "Garden Street Railroad Trestle."

Probably my 4th or 5th deer spotting over the winter season in that area*, including a couple times where there were several together. (I imagine if I were a bit more patient, I could stop and sit still, and spot 'em on pretty much any given afternoon.) They must wander down the river; it's really quite remarkable when you consider there's fairly dense human population for at least a couple miles in every direction.

Of course, the hordes of motorists going by a couple blocks away miss out on this kind of stuff. The only time THEY get close to Bambi on the commute is if they take one thru the windshield. But they have their cell phones and heaters, I s'pose.

*It's a regular occurrance to see herds of deer east of town, out in the Harris Ranch area. I've had a half-dozen run along next to me for several hundred yards as I ride... a religious experience! Of course, that will soon be only a fond memory, as they pave paradise and slap up the cracker-boxes.

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