Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There are seemingly a hundred different kinds of license plates here in Idaho, besides the standard red, white, and blue. You've got yer Elk plates, and your Bluebird plates, and your Lewis & Clark plates, and your Capitol plates. You pay a little extra, and the money goes to a special cause.

I'm a little confused by the one with the kids on it. Especially because it says "America's Promise." What cause is it promoting?

I'm further confused because the kids are pulling a wagon.

One reasonable guess … it says, "I'm helping burn up our finite fossil-fuel supply, so I'm kicking some money into the Wagon Fund… and I'm DOING IT FOR THE CHILDREN!" This seems particularly valid when I see some lady driving alone in a big ol' shiny white Suburban, almost every morning, and she's got the kiddie plates.

If you want to strengthen "America's Promise" for the kids… why not park that Suburban, and preserve a little gas for your kids?

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Anonymous said...

My wife had these plates and I think the money goes into a fund for Youth managed by some police organization.

Changed to U of I plates on her car as the Vandals need all the help they can get.