Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Phone Zombie hazards

I was arriving at the office this morning.  (At 6:50am the sun isn't up yet, but there's light in the sky.)

Riding along a downtown street.  A gal stepped off the curb, directly into my path... middle of the block.  She didn't look in either direction, and her attention was totally focused on her handheld gizmo, which was lighting up her face.  She had the earbuds, with the white cord dangling down.

I did the right thing, and slowed down instead of plowing into her.  She noticed me at the very last second, but didn't really alter her trajectory, and when the crisis was over, she went back to whatever I had distracted her from.  (I'm sure it was VERY important, or she wouldn't have been so focused on it.)

Is it any wonder that Pedestrian Deaths Reach Highest Level In Decades?  (Story HERE.)

Gosh!  Ain't "smart phones" great?  How did we survive for thousands of years without 'em?  (And why was life worth living, before they came along?)

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