Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best urban bike paths

If you're making your vacation plans that include bicycle travel... USA Today has an interesting article (HERE) listing some of the "best urban bike paths across the USA."


From the article:
- Many on our list are important commuting arteries that give cyclists direct access to business districts while avoiding city traffic and making few street crossings.
- Almost all are paved, and those that aren't are well surfaced with finely crushed rock and graded for ease of riding.
- (Most importantly) a great bike path is separate from traffic for all or most of its length.
- They also happen to be exceptionally beautiful. All but three of these bike paths run alongside a body of water, and almost all are bounded by parkland, giving cyclists a decidedly non-urban respite from the stress of city riding.
- We also looked at other factors: Does the path offer exceptional views of, and access to, the city? Is it good for recreational riders and tourists? Does the city take pride in it?

I'd say that the Boise Valley Greenbelt qualifies in every category.


1104-Spring-1 .


2 - 4th of July - greenbelt east of Boise





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