Thursday, April 26, 2012

2-wheel riders love costumes!

Maybe it's because they don't have all that sheet metal to express their style... but people who ride 2-wheel transportation seem to like dressing up.

You've got your "bikers"... you know, the ones who ride Harleys and Harley-lookalikes. They don't necessarily ride their "bikes" much; in fact it seems like a lot of 'em are used as driveway ornaments, or to ride to the Harley shop or a bar. That's about it. But when they do ride, they love to dress up in their biker costumes - you know, sinister black leather, "do rag," boots. Like Marlon in that movie. Helmet? Hahahahaha! Good one!

You've also got your punks on the crotch rockets. Some of 'em dress in the leather racing suits. More of 'em dress in cutoffs, a sleeveless T-shirt, and flip-flops, and sometimes with a gal on the back, similarly attired. I'm not sure if that's a deliberate costume choice, or just what they happen to be wearing... but I see it often enough that I'm suspicious they intentionally dress that way.

And then take a look at bicycle riders. Motorists like to poke fun and/or scorn at their spandex gear. (Perhaps there's a bit of jealousy there, I dont' know... or perhaps they don't appreciate the subtle advantages of spandex.) Some cyclists like to wear the "team kit," as worn by cyclists who race in Europe... even when they're just puttin' up and down the Greenbelt! I'm not sure what that's about. Is it a "let's pretend" thing (like the leather-clad "bikers")... or is it like my Raiders t-shirt? (I like the Raiders... do some cyclists follow Astana or Radio Shack in the same way?) (Radio Shack! huh-huh!)

(I'm not much of an expert. About the only recurring "costume" I wear when riding motorcycle OR bicycle is the self-explanatory hi-viz vest and/or jacket. Oh - and brain-bucket.)


Scott said...

Maybe I'm missing out on a big part of the experience, but I'm just too cheap to costume up. On the Harley, I wear jeans, a leather jacket (for road rash should I go down) and a helmet. Basically I dress normally except for the jacket and helmet.

On my bicycles I go with a cheap, high-vis t-shirt from Target or Walmart, sunglasses (or raquetball glasses in the dark), a helmet, and spandex bike shorts under baggy shorts. (I live in a Muslim country, so I'm conscious about dressing modestly.)

But then my road bike isn't flashy, either: A 25 year-old Trek 520 with a cargo rack. My MTB is a bit more modern and sexy, but I'm not.

Bikeboy said...

Scott, I have TOTAL respect for M/C riders wearing leather AND a helmet! Less so when I see leather sans helmet. ("Let's see... road rash, brain injury... I'll take the brain injury.") I wear jeans, too, but am always thinkin' I should protect myself a little better. A couple years ago I upgraded to a hi-viz mesh M/C jacket with armor in the back, shoulders, elbows. The hi-viz ALWAYS helps; I hope I never need the armor!