Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brush with the Law

I had a strange experience Saturday. I bicycled out Eisenmann Road, which is at the very southeast end of Boise Valley... the edge of the high prairie. And, I stopped on the last overpass over I-84, to snap a photo and enjoy the beautiful day and a bit of rest.

As I stopped, a state highway patrol car pulled over on the other side. The officer got out and motioned me over.

"Were you up here a few minutes ago?" he asked.

"Nope, just got here."

"Did you see another guy on a bike?"

"Yes, I did," I answered honestly. "We passed maybe 1/2 mile back - he was going in the other direction."

"That must be who I'm looking for."

He got in his cop-cruiser, turned on the lights, and took off.

Hmmm... the other guy hadn't looked like a ne'er-do-well... just another guy out enjoying the beautiful day on his bike.

I stood there for a couple minutes, snapped a couple photos.

As I turned to get back on my bike, lo and behold, a county deputy comes pulling up. WHAT THE?!!?

He got out of his car.

"How ya doing?"


"Have you been here for very long?"

"Oh, maybe five minutes, but I'm getting ready to leave." (I thought maybe I was upsetting them by loitering.)

He paused for a couple seconds, then said, "You're not thinking about jumping, are you?"

"... Heck no!"

Wow! What a question!

Apparently, it would seem, somebody driving underneath saw me, or maybe the other cyclist, and phoned in a concern that there might be a "jumper" on the overpass!

Jumping was the farthest thing from my mind! You'll search far and wide to find somebody who enjoys life more than I do! (In fact, I bet cyclists don't even get counseling as often as the general population - it's therapeutic!)

(Before I got home, I'd turned over 2000 miles for the year.)

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db said...

People are compelled to fear the worst these days, aren't they?