Friday, October 15, 2010

Buffalo Bills Bike Commuter

Here's an interesting STORY about Buffalo Bills safety Bryan Scott - the only member of the team who bike-commutes to work.

He's only been at it since June... but it sounds like he's seen the light.

"It's amazing, how you view the world differently. Places that you've driven before, you pass everything so quickly. Then, all of a sudden when you start bike riding, you notice little things just around your neighborhood. It's pretty cool."

His commute is five miles round-trip, but he figures he's riding 100-150 miles per week. He's got the high-end gear - a 17-pound, $7500 road bike. (So he may not have realized significant savings yet, in his transportation budget.) And he keeps the Escalade handy for those famous Buffalo winters.

(Story and photo from the Washington Post website.)

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