Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indonesian government bigwigs on bikes

This is interesting. City officials in South Jakarta, Indonesia, have been mandated to ride bicycles while conducting their official duties. (Story HERE.)

It's compulsory. It will "not only reduce pollution and global warming, but also promote good health."

"The officials can also get to know their residents better since now they can cycle through the narrow alleyways to reach their homes." I can attest to how much more personable bike-riding is, than driving a car. Maybe they're on to something. Could we try that here? It would significantly and positively impact transportation expenses for the community budget, too.

South Jakarta covers 145 square kilometers. I don't know how that compares with Boise. At 2.5 million residents, "urban sprawl" is apparently less of an issue there, than it is here.

They are counting on citizens to nark out the offenders. If you see 'em driving, phone it in.

"It is no excuse to say they are too old and sick to cycle. That means they are also too old and sick to perform their duties so, they should be replaced."


Michael Carpenter said...

I forwarded this information (including links) on to a friend of mine who works in city hall. If I time my commute right, I can yell at him while he's standing at the bus stop and I'm cruising by on my bike.

He said it was interesting and he'll forward it along to some people at the city. Who knows what might happen?

Jamie said...

This just in: sales of windshield tinting in Jakarta at record levels!