Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bike Nazi? ... I think NOT!

We're switching over to a different internet provider, in order to get higher speed service at the homestead.

So, we're losing our old email addresses.

So, of course we need new email addresses.

I tried to register "" - it wasn't allowed.


*** Irony Alert! Irony Alert! Irony Alert! ***

Didn't I wake up in America, Land of the Free, this morning?

Surely, if we can put a black man in the White House, we can send email to a Bike Nazi!

But seriously... I wasn't totally shocked when they wouldn't accept my handle. (Frankly, I was a little surprised when I was able to register the blog name.) Most content-filters aren't smart enough to do anything more than look for forbidden words. They can't judge intent, or "content of character."

(That's also a good lesson for all of us people out on the Worldwide Web... when we're just looking at a stream of words, it can be difficult if not impossible to determine if the author is pounding forcefully on those keys with total, sincere intent, or typing happily with a silly grin, or eyes-rolling.)

I'm confident my regular readers are aware I'm NOT professing any fascist political leanings, but rather paying homage to the "Soup Nazi." I may not be the polar opposite of the Nazis, but I'm totally unsympathetic to their "cause." They can go straight to Hell.

Regarding newly-elected President Obama... I did put down some thoughts about his hard-fought victory HERE, should you be interested.


Anonymous said...

Wait.... You're NOT a bicycle fascist?! Then count me as an ex-fan, sir.


Bikeboy said...

Danielo, I s'pose I AM a bicycle fascist to some degree. I reserve the right to ridicule and belittle the non-cyclists, just like Tobacco Nazis persecute smokers and Food Nazis persecute us food "enthusiasts." ... BUT ... my persecution always falls within the Libertarian Mantra: "My right to swing my fist ends at the tip of your nose."