Thursday, July 31, 2008

If only... if only...

If only more people had taken up bicycling...

We've passed the tipping point. It's now too late to save Planet Earth.

From The Onion, "America's Finest News Source":

Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet

EARTH — Former vice president Al Gore — who for the past three decades has unsuccessfully attempted to warn humanity of the coming destruction of our planet, only to be mocked and derided by the very people he has tried to save — launched his infant son into space Monday in the faint hope that his only child would reach the safety of another world.

"I tried to warn them, but the Elders of this planet would not listen."... Al Gore — or, as he is known in his own language, Gore-Al — placed his son, Kal-Al, gently in the one-passenger rocket ship, his brow furrowed by the great weight he carried in preserving the sole survivor of humanity's hubristic folly.

"As the rocket soared through the Gore estate's retractable solar-paneled roof — installed three years ago to save energy and provide emergency rocket-launch capability in the event that Gore's campaign to save Earth was unsuccessful — the onetime presidential candidate and his wife, Tipper, stood arm-in-arm, nobly facing their end while gazing up in stoic dignity at the receding rocket, the ecosystem already beginning to collapse around them. ...

"Gore expressed hope that his son would one day grow up to carry on his mission by fighting for truth, justice, and the American way elsewhere in the universe, using his Earth-given superpowers to become a champion of the downtrodden and a reducer of carbon emissions across the galaxy."

Read more HERE. (Reading The Onion regularly will improve your perspective. Not recommended for the easily offended, or impressionable young minds that have taken fewer than 18 trips around the Solar System.)

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