Friday, October 19, 2007

Bike / Hummer Fatality

Evidently a woman was killed while riding her bicycle earlier today, west of Boise.

The details are still drifting in, but the latest intelligence indicates a woman in a Hummer "lost control" of her vehicle near the intersection of Overland / Eagle Roads, and ran into the cyclist from behind, as her Hummer straddled the road and the sidewalk.

The victim was a nurse at the Tumor Institute. Sounds like she was doing everything right, and was wearing a helmet. (A helmet is a great safety resource... but if you get plowed into by somebody in a Hummer, it is of limited value.)

I will reserve judgment until more of the facts are available. I certainly hope that the responsible party - whoever it turns out to be - is held accountable.

Many people are not reserving judgment. The local daily newspaper recently made it easier for readers to post comments on current events, and people have flocked to take advantage. There are definitely some strong feelings about motor-vehicle and bicycle interaction on the roads.

If you're interested, the comments can be read here.
Be forewarned:
- There are a lot of clueless "authorities" who have posted misinformation.
- There are some truly disturbing comments, like the one from somebody who's lamenting about the traffic hold-up caused by the accident. People ended up late to work!, etc.
- There are a lot of emotion-driven comments, particularly comments aimed at the Hummer. (An inanimate object. Sure - Hummers are big and wasteful and ostentatious. And they may be so wide they have trouble fitting into a normal traffic lane. But it's the Hummer operator who ultimately is responsible for its safe operation. Same with the bike.)


Apertome said...

This is really sad. I hate reading about any accident, although obviously as a cyclist I feel particularly sympathetic to her.

I'll reserve judgment too, but those comments are incredible. People falling on both sides of the issue are making themselves sound incredibly hateful and stupid. Words like these make me feel serious disappointment in my fellow man.

db said...

Yeah, comment areas on newspaper sites will make you hate humanity.

I read the story Saturday on the Statesman. Did not get a chance to see Sunday's or this morning's to see if there was more info. Will try to check around lunchtime.

Josh said...

very sad.

db said...

No charges as of Tuesday morning.

Latest from the Statesman.

Unknown said...

Very hard.
Speeding on roads is a still big problem of our society. Nevertheless there are strict rules, people offend against law.
Sometimes it is too late to realize your mistakes.
In this case innocent woman was killed.
The lady, who is the owner of a Hummer limo has to stand own trial.
In my view, laws are made for everybody without any exception, and all of us have to obey it.
There are so many fatal cases of car driving. We do not
learn from the mistakes of others.
We think that it does not concern us.