Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tour de Fat - coming to Boise

My bicycle-brother Danielo has made me aware that the Tour de Fat is coming to Boise this next Saturday, August 25. It looks to be fun, and a chance for the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance to replenish their treasury as a fund-raiser.

According to Danielo, who will be a Parade Marshal - WOW! - there will be a 1-hour ride/parade, followed by a 4-hour-or-so "recovery" gathering at Julia Davis Park, near the Rose Garden. That 4-hour recovery sounds a bit suspicious, eh? A person could do some serious recovery over a period of 4 hours.

Since I don't imbibe in the spirits - even the really awesome ones as produced by the Fat Tire people - I'm thinking about participating in the parade, but limiting my "recovery" ambitions.

I checked out the New Belgium website (linked from Danielo's blog) and something caught my eye.

They are trying to find a dedicated soul in each tour-stop who will sign over his car title (?) and pledge to go car-free. In return, the Fat Tire people will award the Chosen One a new fat-tire commuter bicycle, and a Bob trailer to pull behind it.

While that sounds noble, I want to ask... why is it an "all or nothing" deal? Why do some bike advocates, or environmentalist-leaners, feel like a motor vehicle has to be totally abandoned?

By contrast, I've always been a pragmatist, and have advocated using the most efficient vehicle for the job. If you're transporting yourself and a sack lunch or notebook to the office, or school, etc., I challenge you to find a more efficient vehicle than a bicycle. But if you're loading your family up for a trip to Redfish Lake, or San Francisco, the bike just ain't gonna cut it for most people. I take great comfort in having Mrs. Bikegal's minivan available for hauling 5 gallons of paint, or a big roll of hardware cloth, home from Lowe's every now and then. (Maybe I'm just not committed enough...)

I don't know for sure, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that they still deliver Fat Tire to retail outlets in a truck... not in a Bob trailer!

I've got a sweet commuter bike and a Bob Trailer, so I won't nominate myself. But there are just some transportation duties that can't be accomplished with a bike... or public transportation.


Anonymous said...

I will be at the function this Sat. Last year I rode my Wood Bike this year I am riding my new ratrodbike- Orange Crush. It is a good time and the money raised goes to local bike clubs for trails and such.

I thought about entering the contest for the bike but I guess I am chicken to give up my dump hauler.

Anonymous said...

I wish "Parade Marshall" were as glamorous as it sounds. Alas, I'm a glorified sheep herder, along with many others from TVCA. Still, I'm excited, and I even bought a new hat for the occasion!

Not aware of your "Recovery" reference, unless you're translating "Revival" as such. For myself, Sunday will be my recovery day from my Tour de Fat indulgences!

Anonymous said...

As for the "all or nothing" nature of their challenge, I think it's mostly in line with the balls-out craziness of the event itself. Pragmatism isn't necessarily what TdF is about.

I just hope they have a raffle for a Bob trailer -- I need one of those!

Bikeboy said...

Oh, Danielo! So sorry I swapped "revival" and "recovery"! "Revival" sounds better... I envision the attendees being whipped into a two-wheel wild-eyed jumpin'-up-and-down spiritual frenzy!

(And you're right! After a parade and 4 hours of "revival," some recovery will be in order! hahaha)

Anonymous said...

If 1000 people parade through town on bikes and none of the MSM covers it, did it happen? It was a great time. I had to talk my wife into it but she enjoyed it as well. We didn't stay for the revival part cause we had revivaled too much on Friday night. ;-)

Anonymous said...

For some photos you can take a peek here:

You may have to register to see the pictures.


db said...

From the Statesman:

Click here.