Thursday, July 5, 2007

Independence Day Ride

I got an early start, to beat the heat. (And it did get hot in Boise, topping 100 before the illegal fireworks got underway.)

My route: Orchard Street to Gowen to Highway 21 and over the bridge; upstream to Lucky Peak; back downstream and over the bridge; Surprise Valley to Boise Avenue to Bergeson to Federal Way. Roundtrip just under 30 miles. Bike traffic was moderate; vehicle traffic, particularly recreationists pulling their boats, was heavier.

I snapped about 40 photos along the way; here are a few. (Click on any to see at a larger size.)

2 - 4th of July - diversion dam

2 - 4th of July - diversion dam

2 - 4th of July - Boise River

2 - 4th of July - greenbelt east of Boise

2 - 4th of July - downtown Boise


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. I have always wanted to go waterskiing between the Diversion Dam and Discovery Park as it is always glass.

Apertome said...

Beautiful photos! That looks like a great ride. I didn't get to ride yesterday; hopefully, I will tonight.

Bikeboy said...

Clancy, I don't know that I've ever seen a power boat in the water behind Diversion Dam, and I've been up that way a bunch of times. Not sure there's any place to launch; maybe that's the issue.

(I've canoed on that water... downstream from Discovery State Park. The only problem is, the work comes at the tail end of the trip, when you have to paddle back upstream.)

apertome... all those photos except "downtown" are at the east end of our "greenbelt" - a stretch that runs roughly along the river from there westward to the Eagle area. It's nice (except it gets very crowded when the weather's just right).

Anonymous said...

I know you can' is just a dream of mine. Sometimes upon return from a rough ski at Lucky Peak, it just looks so inviting.

The pic of power house is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Is there something I am missing with Clancy? Biker, greenie, and then burning through two cycle gas tearing up a lake WATERSKIING!

Even dreams of shattering the tranquility of a glassy canoe pool with the thunderous wake of a ski boat! What is this world coming to?

Bikeboy said...

Cut Clancy a little slack! He's explained on several posts that he enjoys a couple of "summer weekend guilty pleasures" that consume the fossil fuel and arguably disrupt tranquility.

Same goes for your host. I'm known to occasionally (at least once a year) abandon the velocipede for powered wheels... and head out on the highyway, lookin' for adventure, etc. (See my motorcycle blog for more info.)

Both of us are dedicated bike-transportation advocates and practitioners the vast majority of the time. (If everybody used gas at our consumption rates, it would cost 50 cents / gallon and Algore might get a good night's sleep.)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bike Nazi: Great pictures. I am really happy that lots of people ride bikes since it takes cars off the roads. I don't drive much and try to reduce the little that I do. I would like to ride a bike but have somewhere along the line lost most of my sense of balance. A three wheeled jobbie would probably work for me but I would need something with good brakes, since I would have to handle a hill or two going down, and enough gears to get me back up. Can you give me some idea if such a vehicle exists? That would be a great exercise machine for me. I live in Eagle and wouldn't have to even use a car for most trips if there is a good three wheeled bike available. Please tell me such a thing exists. TJ, Eagle

Bikeboy said...

TJ, it's absolutely amazing how many different types of human-powered vehicles are available these days!

You might take a look at some of the recumbent BICYCLES. They come in all configurations... some are truly odd and complex with strange steering linkages, etc. Others are a lot like a stretched-out bicycle... but putting you much closer to the ground for lower center-of-gravity and easy access if you need to put your "training feet" out.

If you want a serious 3-wheeler, google for "tadpole trikes." They are pretty awesome looking. VERY low-riding (that's my only concern... so low they could be missed by other road users). But you can get as high-tech and spendy as you like. I've seen one or two around Boise.

Good luck! I hope you find a suitable contrivance.

Anonymous said...

TJ- Recumbent trikes do exist. I saw a set up last night, that I thought was cool. Follow these links.