Monday, March 12, 2007

1000 miles for '07

March 12 is the day I rolled over the odometer to 1000 miles for '07. And a lovely day it was - 70 degrees, gentle breeze from the east. (They talk about Global Warming like it's a bad thing!)

Almost every year, I arrive at 1000 miles by the first half of March, 2000 miles by mid-May.

Also last weekend I removed the "winter" tires and installed the "summer" tires. No studs on either set... but the winter tires are lower pressure and almost twice as wide. The skinny tires are more harsh-riding, no good at all in snow and ice, and are more vulerable to goatheads and such... but the lack of rolling resistance is a beautiful thing! They seem to just kind of skitter along, like a drop of water on a hot skillet.


Anonymous said...

I was talking to someone from California and he called the studs in car tires- rivets.

Congrats on racking up the miles.

Anonymous said...

I hope to have some good studded tires for next winter, but I managed this season without. I lowered the pressure a bit and managed to fall only once, in a circumstance that I'm pretty sure would've even beaten studded tires.

Bikeboy said...

I was fortunate to not crash even once over the winter. Sometimes I'm VERY slow and deliberate, but it's out of necessity - I don't always bounce right back up the way I did 20 or 30 years ago. Better to arrive at the destination SLOWLY than not at all.

Speaking of studded tires... they're spoze to be off by April 15.

One of the blessings (or curses, in some cases) of bicycling is being aware of more stuff. For example, if somebody's smoking in a car that drives by (tobacco or occasionally otherwise)... you know it. Cars with studs are OBVIOUS! Some people never take their studded tires off, and a LOT of people let April 15 come and go. The ITD ought to offer cyclists $5 per license number to nark out the scofflaws.