Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bike thefts - up!

Thanks mostly to the harsh economy, I'm guessing, bike thefts are up this year, according to an article on the Idaho Statesman website.

May-July thefts this year: 223. Last year: 179.

The cops are advising people to lock their bikes securely. They say thieves unload 'em at second-hand stores or on the Craigslist. Which somewhat surprises me... when my sweet bike was stolen a couple years ago, I scoured the Craigslist for probably 3 months, watching for any sign of it.

Also noted is the free bike registration with the Boise Police. (Which prompted the comments - predictably - to become a debate about those freeloading bike riders who aren't paying their fair share. Some folks just aren't informed, and obviously enjoy their state of blissful ignorance.)

(Illustration grabbed from the "One Less Van" blog.)

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Clancy said...

My bikes rarely get left outside on a a lock. Work I pull it right in the front door and my garage is bikes only.